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For general questions about getting involved with Philly DSA or our events contact one of our Co-Chairs, Melissa or Scott. They can both be reached at Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

If you're interested in getting a couple emails from us a month about upcoming events, sign up for our email list below! We try to keep it pretty light, so you won't get a lot of emails from us; promise!  Sign up for our email listserv here!

Join DSA!

Are you looking for a way to fight the corporate power structure guiding a misguided system? Do you think capitalism is an exploitative and unfair system rigged to help the ultra-wealthy? Well (if you’re in Philadelphia or the surrounding area) have we got an opportunity for you!

Join the National DSA & Become a Member of the Local!

By joining the national DSA, you automatically become a voting member of the PhillyDSA local. After signing up, check out the Contact page and get in touch!

How Do Membership and Dues Work?

DSA is a membership-driven organization. That means that all operations, events, and campaigns are funded by our members’ dues. This ensures that DSA members are in full democratic and political control of our organization and that we are never reliant on donations or private funding. Dues start at $40 per year for the local and $45 per year for the national organization and entitle all members to organizational resources and a vote within the organization.

What Do Dues Go Toward?

There are two types of dues we ask our members to pay, national and local.

Local dues pay for everything you see here in Philadelphia, including facilities, equipment, special events, and campaigns. They give us the ability to support unique initiatives, organize our membership, influence politics within the greater Philadelphia area, build infrastructure, and provide meeting spaces to our members.

National dues go to DSA USA, and pay for infrastructure, campaigns, and offices. These can be paid here.

Why Should I Become a Dues Paying Member?

Funds are crucial to our ability to function as a robust, effective chapter, and every penny counts. As much as we may wish otherwise, political organization requires money. Local dues will allow us to continue to grow, develop membership, and contribute to the overall goals of the DSA. By becoming a dues-paying member, you’re helping to prove that effective mobilization can be done democratically, without massive donations or private fundraising.

Can I Come to Meetings if I Don’t or Can’t Afford to Pay Dues?

Yes! Meetings are open to anyone who would like to listen in and participate in campaigns, but only National dues paying members will be able to vote on initiatives and participate in any democratically controlled mechanisms within the chapter. Essentially - National dues are the formal requirement for DSA membership and local dues enable us to effectively operate at the local level. We really do rely on this to fund our organization so we encourage everyone to pay in, but we’ll never turn you away.