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Philadelphia DSA is volunteer-run and member-funded. Our organization relies on the commitment and consistent work of our members. Our Local structure consists of an elected Steering Committee, two Co-Chairs and several project based and task based committees. The following organizational chart demonstrates how these committees, the members and co-chairs relate to each other. In addition we encourage all members to read and become familiar with Philly DSA's Local Bylaws.


If you'd like to be put in touch with any of our committees or have any questions about how to get involved please send a message to


The Steering Committee serves as Philly DSA's highest elected body. Between local conventions, the committee implements the decisions of the general membership, coordinates between the various working committees, acts as a representative of the organization, coordinates work with coalition partners, facilitates strategic discussion in the local and decides on matters that require immediate action.  

The Steering Committee is made up of:

  • Melissa Naschek (co-chair),
  • Scott Jenkins (co-chair),
  • Adam Goldman (treasurer),
  • Paul Prescod (secretary),
  • Alex Nagle,
  • Jed Slaboda,
  • Diane Isser,
  • Jarek Ervin, and
  • Dustin Guastella.


Chair: Max Ludwig (Interim)

The Philly DSA Outreach Committee creates all internal and external communications and digital content for the local chapter. This includes all of our web development and technology efforts, emails, phone-banking, events calendars, social media, and of course, excellent memes.. The goals of the Outreach committee are multi-fold:

  • Email updates about Philly DSA events and meetings
  • Content to support local campaign efforts 
  • Calendaring and Event Management
  • Website upkeep and maintenance
  • All technological and digital data maintenance and security 

We’re always looking for new members with a technological bent (and anyone else for that matter) so if you’re interested - please contact the outreach committee to get started!

Political Education

Chair: Jarek Ervin

The political education committee organizes discussions, reading groups, and public events that explore the strategy, history and theory of socialism and support the political initiatives of the local. 


Chair: Jonah Gardner

The Social Committee exists to enrich social ties, welcome new and potential members and foster camaraderie in our local chapter. We are responsible for planning social events and activities both independently and in concert with our chapter’s existing committees. These include annual large all-chapter social events, monthly neighborhood or regional based meet-ups, meet-ups following events planned by other committees (e.g. General Meetings, political education events etc.), affinity based events, e.g. sporting, arts, culture etc.

To contact the Social Committee, feel free to e-mail us at You can also use this form to propose future Social Committee events.

Electoral Evaluation 

Chair: Alex Nagle

The Electoral Evaluation Committee (EEC) develops recommendations for the local on issues related to electoral politics.


Chair: Marilyn Arwood

The Canvassing Committee plans and executes canvassing projects and manages data connected to the Local's political campaigns like Medicare For All and electoral work.  

Local Initiative and Local Action

Chair: Brittany Griebling (Interim)

The Local Initiative and Local Action Committee generates ideas for campaigns that aim primarily to influence key policies, institutions, and people within the city limits of Philadelphia.

Harassment and Grievance Process

In the event of misconduct within the local, please reach out directly to one of the chairs,  Melissa or Scott, at

The issue will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and the committee will take steps to protect the privacy of the members involved and rectify the situation to the best of our abilities, which may include:

  • Mediating a conversation between members
  • Developing a written action plan outlining prohibited behaviors and reviewing it privately with members
  • Suspending or terminating membership

Any person whose membership has been suspended or terminated may appeal the decision before the general membership at a meeting of the full local.

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